Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Fall Garden 2011

It's a little late to get started but the weather is so mild I thought I would just proceed.  I've planted the following this week:

12 - Broccoli plants
4 - Brussel Sprout plants
3 - Kale plants
2 Kohlrabi plants - I'm waiting for the seeds to arrive
2 parsley plants
4 romain lettuce plants
1 - bunch chives
leeks,  18 white onions, 4 - garlic cloves
1 - winter squash (sugar bear) plant - it was something I found at the independent nursery a few weeks ago - It sounded like a bush variety of acorn squash - it may be WAYYY TOO LATE to put it in the ground but who knows. If I could grow any squash without the southern squash vine borer destroying it, it would be a good thing.There are male blossoms developing on it now.

The day after I brought the Kale home I discovered a whole lot of little holes in the leaves but I couldn't see anything to cause it.  I bought some BT concentrate and sprayed the leaves top and bottom and as I did so I finally discovered who was making all the holes.  My Kale was infested with cabbage worms.  One of the beautys of Square Foot Gardening is that it is an easy thing (if you do it early enough) to find and destroy crop pests.  I squashed a LOT of worms, yesterday.

I still have mixed lettuce, radishes, kolhrabi seeds and two different kinds of carrots to plant.  I had never heard of Kohlrabi before this year but it is on a chart from the county extension service that recommends what can be planted and grown this time of year.  I am told it is a mild tasting tuber, similar in taste to cabbage.

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