Monday, January 28, 2013

Boycotting the Monsanto owned seed company Seminis

My friends I am not a fan of Monsanto.  The attached article provides some steps we can take to ensure we are not supporting this company.  Never forget that Monsanto gave us Agent Orange.  Monsanto is creating Genetically Engineered crops also referred to as GMO's or Genetically Modified Organisms. GMO crops in the USA now include 
Soybean, Maize, Cotton, Canola, Squash (I believe this is summer squash), Papaya, Alfalfa, Sugarbeet
 I personally do not believe GMO's have been adequately tested to determine their long term safety for human consumption.  I view the "Research" done by Agrabusinesses, like Monsanto, with the same jade eye I had for the "Research" done by the tobacco industry in the 50's, 60's and 70's - they were quick to tell us there was nothing wrong with their product and that it was in no way connected to disease.   We now know that was a LIE.  Currently at least 60 countries from all over the world are banning foods containing GMO crops, the USA is not among them.

"How do you keep your garden safe from seeds produced by Monsanto/Seminis and other companies who are not aligned with your ideology?  
You're going to have to do research that's harder than reading lists that have been copied and pasted around the internet.
Step #1 Pick up the phone and call the seed company you want to buy from and ask if Seminis supplies their seeds. If Seminis is their supplier keep looking until you find another seed company.
Step #2 Repeat Step #1 until you find a company that doesn't. Or at least until you find a seed company that carries the particular seeds you want that aren't supplied by Seminis. Some companies may only carry certain seeds from Seminis, and you may end up having to make a moral trade-off if you really want to grow a particular, flower, vegetable or fruit. 
You should also learn to collect and save your own seeds or try buying some cool heirloom varieties of the veggies you want to grow."
(from the attached article)


  1. I so enjoy your blog! It's a fairly recent discovery.

    FYI..The above monsanto link is not working now.

  2. I've updated this post to reflect new information on 5 November 2013