Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's time to start growing potatoes - Making Tater Tote Grow Bags

I was thumbing through a grower supply catalog not long ago and noticed an ad for Potato grow bags.  I've never grown potatoes before but I had heard that they weren't particularly fussy about how they were grown.  I remembered my Great Uncle Arthur growing them in straw.   I didn't particularly care for the price listed in the catalog so after searching the internet, I found this website for  Potato grow bags.  I've made 4 for my own purposes and an additional 4 for an intrepid friend the try as well.  Now is the time to start growing potatoes in this part of Texas, here goes a new experiment in growing.  I'll keep you posted and will post pictures as they become available.  For my local followers, if you are interested, I still have more of the fabric.

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