Monday, February 9, 2009

How does the garden grow

It's beginning to look a lot like a real garden. The tomatoes are beginning to get taller, the Swiss chard is developing more leaves and the 18 lettuce plants (9 - buttercrunch and 9 - romaine) are standing a little straighter.

I'm a little frustrated by the fact that a local feline has decided my nice soft, newly turned garden soil is the perfect place to do his business. It so happened that I wanted to put the lettuce in the exact same place the latest deposit was made. I carefully dug up the donation and threw it into the bed behind me or at least I thought I'd thrown it into the bed behind me. For the rest of the time I worked in the garden the smell of cat poop followed me around. Every time I bent down to work in the soil the smell followed.

I took my shoes off on the mat inside the door of the kitchen and thought that finally the smell would be gone, but no - I was wrong. After returning to the kitchen the smell was still there. After carefully examining the bottom of my shoe I discovered a gift was wedged into the deep crevices of my gardening shoes, Yuck! Those were quickly thrown outside.

I am waiting, somewhat impatiently, for the seeds I planted last week to break through the soil. I planted parsley, nasturtium, and lemon basil. I'm so worried my seeds won't sprout as the packaging promises that I have invested in a 24 count little seed sprouting contraption. It came with 24 peat disks you soak in warm water that fit neatly in the tray with a clear plastic domed cover. I've planted parsley, nasturtium, two kinds of basil and chamomile in the little peat pots. What'd you want to bet every seed I planted in the garden will break through any day now and I'll be stuck with either giving the parsley and nasturtiums away or be reduced to committing herbicide (baby plant murder - i.e. pulling the plants up and throwing them away.)

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